Bend the Rules

What do Hollywood bad boys Bruce Willis, Charlie Sheen, (who may I remind you was a paid spokesman for the Hanes underwear brand) and many of Hollywood’s ‘Hot Men’ have in common…the answer probably isn’t what you’re thinking. It’s their Bend the Rules underwear, you’ll find them all wearing, under their pricey designer clothes. Of course that’s if they’re even wearing underwear to begin with. Bend the Rules Luxury Boxer Briefs and Designer Tee’s, have become a hot-ticket item with the Hollywood “it” crowd.

They love the luxurious fabric, trendy look and fabulous fit. Hollywood A-list men and women too, are trading in their boring Fruit of the Looms or Hanes for Bend the Rules make-no-apologies attitude, hell even us plain folk, can’t seem to buy enough of them! Charlie Sheen has purchased over 100 pair, which begs me to ask the question…. ummm on second thought, I don’t really wanna know.

Even though Bend the Rules are men’s Boxerbriefs, women also love to wear them. In fact female celebrities such as Christina Aguilera love the soft luxurious feel of the fabric.. I’m no Christine Aguilera, but I can tell you this, my booty looks every bit as delicious in Bend the Rules as hers does. And while I may not remember “when” it was that I happened upon my first pair of Bend the Rules briefs, I do remember “how” they made me feel when I put them on, I mean HELLO! they made my ass look amazing! and my..ummm well let’s just say ‘he’ was looking as though he could have his own career in porn, if he wanted.

I mean these briefs were unlike any jockeys or boxers I’d ever felt before, or most likely ever will again, and the boldy emblazoned fierce dragons, skulls, and Gothic emblems–are perfectly representational of the bad boy inside me.

I love mine so much in fact, I don’t ever want to take em off or wear anything over them for that matter. Which in hindsight is probably why working mostly from home is a good thing for me. So you can imagine, right, what it was like in my head when I got “the” call, telling me I would be going out to Los Angeles to do a sit-down, with the company founder, designer and CEO of Bend the Rules, Markus Bender, You know what.. I actually had to stop and think for a minute, whether it would or wouldn’t be in poor taste to wear jeans over my Tighty-Whiteys,

Marcus this is such an honor and a thrill for me, I’m a huge fan of your designs. I love the Bend the Rules packaging. It looks like the bible. Was that intentional? Yes it was intentional. I designed it to look like scripture! Except it’s the ‘Bend the Rules’ Scripture. The underlying message is that we all Bend the Rules and perhaps scripture needs to Bend the Rules at times as well. Perhaps its gay marriage or allowing priests to marry.

Where does the inspiration for your designs come from? My inspiration comes from people. I’m a people watcher and I am also into fitness. I love to travel and look at what people are wearing. I get inspired by knowing how I can make someone look better when wearing my designs.

Describe the typical Bend the Rules customer? A guy who is active, knows true quality, appreciates the finer things in life. He’s Intelligent, sophisticated but also a rebel at heart. As far age age, I really can’t say we have a typical customer. I have had young men tell me they love BtR. But I have also had older men tell me it makes them look and feel great to wear BtR. I even had a well known actor switch from the famous brand he had been wearing for 8 years and is now exclusively a BtR customer.

How did you discover the fabric made from eucalyptus? Personally, I felt most manufacturers underwear fabric just did not cut it for a guy who leads an active lifestyle like me. I methodically searched for a fabric that would give me superior performance with extreme comfort. I discovered that Tencel which is derived entirely from eucalyptus is extremely breathable, absorbing & naturally anti-bacterial, All features that make for a fabulous garment for the active guy. I spent over a year perfecting it. I wanted it to last, feel luxurious & give you great comfort & support. I kept testing till I got it right.

I understand a certain high-end national retailer is now carrying your label. can you tell me what the process was like for you trying to get your line carried by them, maybe walk me through a time-line or did it literally just happen over-night? Neiman Marcus now carriers my label. I don’t think anything happens over night when dealing with a national chain. However, they were quick to recognize the quality & comfort in which Bend the Rules is about.

What do you anticipate this will mean for the label’s future? Being recognized by a upscale high end national retailer as Neiman Marcus definitely helps put Bend the Rules on the map as a serious brand in the apparel industry. Continued growth in the direction of select upscale stores in key cities domestically & abroad are all ready taking place as a result.

I’m curious what your take on the explosion of fashion based, reality television shows is these days and if you were asked would you consider taking part in one? I cannot tell a lie! I never watch any of those shows. I do however, have lots of friends who are avid fans. And though I don’t watch them, I would consider taking part. After all, life is an adventure and delving into he unknown can be rewarding.

Sales of men’s underwear is steadily rising and is poised to outsell women’s, where do you see these numbers heading in the next few years? Sky’s the limit. I would love it if more men were as meticulous in looking as great in underwear as women. Women use underwear to enhance their sexuality while men just wear it to cover up. But more & more men are waking up to the fact, when you take your clothes off you want what is underneath those expensive designer jeans to look just as good. Men also need to use their sex appeal.

What’s the ideal male body to design for and is there anyone out there maybe who you would love to see wearing your label? For me, I enjoy designing for guys who are active and who are in decent to great shape!

Quite honestly Markus, for someone like myself who’s simply a huge fan of your work, it would have been enough of a thrill for me just meeting you.  However, in spending the better part of an afternoon with you, and seeing for myself the dedication and commitment being put into the design and production of the Bend the Rules label, It’s no surprise at all how successful the brand has become. And if that weren’t enough, you’re a fellow Midwesterner (Milwaukee Wisconsin). Do you have any final thoughts you’d like to share with our readers before saying goodbye? Yes! Wearing Bend the Rules is an experience unlike any other & they will literally last years. The more you wear them the better they feel!

Bend the Rules luxury boxer briefs and designer Tee’s are sold at these fine stores: Neiman Marcus, and when in Seattle or Portland be sure to stop in to one of the 3 incredible ‘Under U4 Men’ stores. Buy online at

To reach Markus Bender or anyone at the Corporate Office for Bend the Rules, they’re located at 9601 Wilshire Blvd. Suite 1203 Beverly Hills, California 90210. By phone 310.278.5488 or email